Augmented Reality 

The Three Things in Your Life That Augmented Reality Will Completely Transform

There has been some confusion regarding augmented reality and virtual reality. Today, we take a closer look at augmented reality and the four things in your life that it will transform. Most people do not see the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality. They, however, are as different as night and day are.

Augmented Reality

The concept of augmented reality is about bringing out images or information into our world through a medium like a screen or a phone. We see this more popularly through apps that consumers use for social media or games.

The way it differs from virtual reality is that augmented reality no longer requires the often bulky headsets. While the experience is not as immersive as it is with virtual reality, it serves to overlay what we see with our eyes with an addition. For example, if you were to use an augmented reality application like those dog face filters in Snapchat, you would be able to see your face have a digital layer over it.

With that out of the way, let us take a look at three things in your life that AR will transform:

Furnishings/Room Layouts

Augmented reality is now being used by home designers, architects, and even furniture companies. As such, instead of having to mentally visualize how certain pieces or layouts would work in your home you get to see it with your own eyes. There are now apps and other software that makes use of augmented reality.

This kind of software superimposes pieces of furniture over an empty space. You will be able to change the color, the way it is facing, and even the angles. So it is actually going to look like it is right there in front of you. The program will also include the dimensions, materials, and price of the piece. This way you can better plan how your space is going to look.


Like mentioned earlier, augmented reality has really enhanced user experiences for gaming. There are now games like Pokemon Go that dominated the AR usage market. There are also games for Nintendo that utilizes AR like their built-in games on the 3DS XL.

As the technology for the games will continue to improve through the years, you should not be shocked if in a few years from now, we will be able to play games like volleyball in the comfort of your bedroom.


Right now, we are still reliant of GPS or navigation apps to give us audible instructions when navigating roads. However, Augmented Reality is aiming to change the way we navigate. The goal is to present the information right on either the dashboard or the windshield of the vehicle. That way, users have a clear and visual presentation of info like building names or street names. The route could also be presented.

In closing, augmented reality is going to impact everyone’s lives in a way that was not possible before. Both augmented reality and virtual reality are there to enhance the way we do things and it will only get better from here.

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