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Beyond Entertainment: Top Employment Positions in the Field of VR

As with every new technological leap in our time, employment possibilities take a massive leap too. Today, we take a look at the top employment positions in the field of virtual reality. This industry was not something that people expected to bloom—particularly virtual reality experienced a near death experience in the 90s.

However, with the help of Forbes list companies and some creative YouTube gamers, Virtual Reality is very much alive and once again the darling of the public eye. There is also now a massive demand for people to work in VR. Yes, there are actually jobs that are born because of VR. Here are some of them:

3D Modelers

In order for the immersive world of 3D to be built, the foundation needs to set. The environment, the setting, the imagery—this is what 3D Modelers are responsible for. Otherwise called 3D artists, these talented individuals make use of a variety of software and tools in order to make otherwise flat objects come to life.

They are normally a part of a larger design team. If you have ever seen a computer generated animated movie or even the CG special effects in movies, it is actually 3D modelers that set the ground work happen.

Now visualizing and mapping out the model is one thing, who truly brings it to life?

3D Animators

When you think of video games and how everything seems so lifelike in the way they move, you have 3D animators to thank for that. They take the raw material that 3D modelers provide and push the envelope further.

Also part of their section or departments of the design team, 3D animators rarely work alone. Every animated short you have ever seen has had a team of 3D animators behind it.

Creating the product is fine, how are people going to know about it?

Product Marketing Managers

In order for people to know a product exists, they need to market it. That is where marketing managers shine. While you can argue that is position has been around for a while, the specifics that are needed for a successful VR product marketing campaign is an entirely different thing.

The set of players are different, the demographic that they target is much wider than most products, and the ways in which they should market the product is completely different. So the skills that are required are more than the usual that you would expect from marketing managers.

Software Engineers

Much like the ones that Envelop has, these brilliant people are normally expected to be masters in C++, along with really strong understanding of programming. As Virtual Reality is being used for more than just entertainment, software developers have the task of building new and innovative software.

They think outside the normal sphere of thought. It is the software developers that make it possible for new apps and programs that enhance our day to day lives.

To close, these are only some of a massive selection of employment opportunities in the world of virtual reality. What employment opportunities did you see arise because of virtual reality?

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