Let’s Play Gamers: Product Menace or Saviors of Entertainment VR?

We mentioned that VR for entertainment almost died out completely. However, it is thriving in today’s market. Let’s take a look at the Let’s Play Gamers that helped to make this happen.

What is a “Let’s Play” Gamer?

Once found primarily on YouTube platform, these gamers record themselves playing games and people watch it. A very simple enough premise—they do not discriminate with the games that they play. They can play indie console games, established PC games, and even mobile games.


These gamers play a big part in keeping the game industry alive. As it turns out, they are also instrumental in revitalizing the way the public saw virtual reality for entertainment purposes. When YouTube Royalty PewDiePie started to feature horror virtual reality games on the Oculus Rift and other platforms, it invariably struck a massive interest for the platform.

PewDiePie is no stranger when it comes to generating interest in games. There is now an established “PewDiePie effect” wherein any game that he plays generates a massive amount of user and player engagement. This equals to sales and a boost in Google search results.

PewDiePie and his gaggle of other Let’s Play friends—with their own massive followings—can invariably be attributed as the reason why a relative unknown game is suddenly catapulted into the stardom. It would not be unfair to say that when certain Let’s Play gamers got a hold on VR games, it certainly did a major service to the platform as a whole.


As the massive influx of user engagement can come without warning, a lot of developers out there end up being crushed with orders. It is also occurred that once the Let’s Play Gamers move on to other games, the interest in the game wanes and now there is a surplus of stock with very little buyers.

In the crux of it all is the ebb and flow of attention that they bring to games without proper sustainability. While VR games have certainly benefitted from all the attention that the likes of PewDiePie have brought, what is to occur when developers are left high and dry?


There is no denying the power that Let’s Play Gamers wield. As these people make a living out of doling out reviews or simply playing for the sake of playing, they invariably influence the market with their antics.

What is good is that PewDiePie does provide links toward the developers and directs his followers to do patronize the product if they like it. It is this sort of responsible wielding of power that can strike the balance between making lightning strike for an indie developer and crushing them outright with the spotlight.

As there are more and more virtual reality games coming out in the market, it is also inevitable that the Let’s Play Gamers of YouTube and Twitch will have their own say regarding the product. As a company who has a hand in the world of VR, Envelop recognizes the contribution that Let’s Game players have made toward revitalizing a healthy interest in the use of VR for entertainment.

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