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Augmented Reality 

The Three Things in Your Life That Augmented Reality Will Completely Transform

There has been some confusion regarding augmented reality and virtual reality. Today, we take a closer look at augmented reality and the four things in your life that it will transform. Most people do not see the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality. They, however, are as different as night and day are.

Augmented Reality

The concept of augmented reality is about bringing out images or information into our world through a medium like a screen or a phone. We see this more popularly through apps that consumers use for social media or games.

The way it differs from virtual reality is that augmented reality no longer requires the often bulky headsets. While the experience is not as immersive as it is with virtual reality, it serves to overlay what we see with our eyes with an addition. For example, if you were to use an augmented reality application like those dog face filters in Snapchat, you would be able to see your face have a digital layer over it.

With that out of the way, let us take a look at three things in your life that AR will transform:

Furnishings/Room Layouts

Augmented reality is now being used by home designers, architects, and even furniture companies. As such, instead of having to mentally visualize how certain pieces or layouts would work in your home you get to see it with your own eyes. There are now apps and other software that makes use of augmented reality.

This kind of software superimposes pieces of furniture over an empty space. You will be able to change the color, the way it is facing, and even the angles. So it is actually going to look like it is right there in front of you. The program will also include the dimensions, materials, and price of the piece. This way you can better plan how your space is going to look.


Like mentioned earlier, augmented reality has really enhanced user experiences for gaming. There are now games like Pokemon Go that dominated the AR usage market. There are also games for Nintendo that utilizes AR like their built-in games on the 3DS XL.

As the technology for the games will continue to improve through the years, you should not be shocked if in a few years from now, we will be able to play games like volleyball in the comfort of your bedroom.


Right now, we are still reliant of GPS or navigation apps to give us audible instructions when navigating roads. However, Augmented Reality is aiming to change the way we navigate. The goal is to present the information right on either the dashboard or the windshield of the vehicle. That way, users have a clear and visual presentation of info like building names or street names. The route could also be presented.

In closing, augmented reality is going to impact everyone’s lives in a way that was not possible before. Both augmented reality and virtual reality are there to enhance the way we do things and it will only get better from here.

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Virtual Reality 

The More You Know: Fun Facts about Virtual Reality You May Not Know

In the technological race that has been going on, the development of VR has brought a lot in terms of entertainment. Virtual Reality is one of the most welcome technological advancements of our time. What a journey it has had! Today, we discuss some fun facts about VR that you may not know about!

Did you these things about virtual reality:

Virtual Reality is Old

If you are going to talk about virtual reality, it would be important to think back to how they viewed this technology. They wanted an easier way for budding professionals, like pilot trainees, to practice but not put the actual planes in danger. The first ever flight simulator was actually created in 1920.

So you can see that even back then, VR was seen as something that could improve the way things were done in the professional setting. It was not until around forty years later that virtual reality was seen as something that could be used to entertain the masses. The first sketches for a movie virtual reality experience was going around in the 60s.

For something that was to be used by a single person, it was roughly the size of a modern voting booth and required almost no movement from the viewer. So you can imagine how the concept met an intial lukewarm reception.

The 90s Nearly Killed It

While there was a massive interest in the virtual reality movement in the early 90s, the pricing and the faulty equipment did not deliver the experience that was promised. You have to see it from the consumer’s point of view.

Virtual reality was supposed to be something that would allow consumers to see different new worlds in the headsets they put on. However, the graphics of blocks and odd colors were hardly the “new worlds” that were promised. It also did not help that in order to experience these “new worlds” you had to quite figuratively pay an arm and a leg for it.

The odd high prices and lackluster delivery almost made sure that virtual reality was not going to go into the new century.

VR Was Saved by Forbes List Companies

While the 90s saw a disastrous turnover for commercial use virtual reality, this did not deter large companies from investing in it. They saw the limitless potential it held for businesses and the private sector.

The original purpose of VR was to provide a safe and ultimately cost effective way to train professionals. As such, development toward better and more reliable software and graphics became priority. Today, a multitude of official organizations like NASA make use of virtual reality and its simulations to train their people.

To conclude, virtual reality has had quite a journey. From conception, public consumption, and its eventual rise into what we know it today—it has been a real roller coaster of a ride. The next time you take a look at the virtual reality equipment that you use, try to remember the fun fact that you picked up from today’s discussion. Do you know any fun facts about VR?

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Make Your Heart Thump: Best Horror VR Games in the Market

Virtual Reality is truly revolutionizing the way people get to experienced things. One of the best ways wherein VR is utilized is through entertainment systems. Today, we take a look at the best heart thumping horror games you can get in the market!

Horror, as a game genre, only experienced a spike in the early 2000s. This was primarily because the game graphics that used to permeate the market did not exactly equate a good gaming experience. With virtual reality being at the forefront of gaming now, the horror genre has a whole new world to offer gamers. Here are some of the best VR horror games available for play:


This offering is from Oculus Rift—one of the biggest names in Virtual Reality games—and it does an excellent job of putting players in a highly stressful environment. Players are teleported to what seems to be dungeon and have the unpleasant task of having to survive traps and creatures that you will have to hide from.

Why it’s good: The feeling of being chased is something that will never go out of style. When your survival is on the line, the VR environment does a wonderful job of making the experience come off as insanely real.

Emily Wants To Play

The life of a pizza delivery person seems to always end up so interesting—at least, it is when media gets a hold of it. Players get to see things from the point of view of a pizza man on the last leg of a regular day.

Why it’s good: If you are a fan of jump scares then this is one game that you will want in your collection. Released late last year, it has continued to be one of the most highly recommended games to play. It is also a fairly delightful game to see as a bystander as well.

The game is creepy and the audio track is pretty good in making things seem on edge. Despite being released last year, it continues to have relatively good ratings from critics and users alike.

Resident Evil VII

Is there anyone on this planet that does not know of the famous Resident Evil series? While it would not be anything out of the usual to expect zombies and genetically engineered creatures, this showcases a different turn in the game’s direction. It seems that they have decided to really put in the ‘resident evil’ in the game by providing a creepy and supernatural spin to this horror game.

Why it’s scary: This game is completely different from the others in its franchise. It provides a completely fresh take in an otherwise overly saturated series.

Final Points

If you really think about it, horror is always going to be a popular medium. What always lacks is a relatively immersive and safe environment or means wherein horror lovers could indulge. With VR technology only getting better and better, horror lovers everywhere now have much to look forward to. What about you? What particular virtual reality horror game would want to play?

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Virtual Reality 

Top 3 Ways Virtual Reality is Revolutionizing Healthcare

Virtual Reality is more than just something to impress on your computer screen. In today’s modern application, it has started to revolutionize various fields. Today, we discuss the top 3 ways VR is changing healthcare.

Pain Relief

Virtual Reality is making big waves in helping to relive pain in patients. It works by limiting the activity of the somatosensory cortex along with the insula. Both are highly reactive when a person is experiencing pain. However, if a person is in an immersive environment like what virtual reality provides, it can serve as a pretty effective distraction which helps to relieve pain.

From some of our writer’s personal experiences, whenever the prospect of imminent pain is inbound, they find it easier to escape to other worlds by distracting their thoughts. If you can think back to the movie Fight Club, it is pretty much like Edward Norton’s ice cave mental escapism.

Instead of relying on the mental capabilities of a patient in order to suitably divert their attention, virtual reality provides a more immersive way to distract patients from their current state.

The concept of phantom pain is nothing new. This is often reported as the lingering sensations in limbs that are no longer there. Virtual reality is used in therapy which helps people who experience phantom pain cope with the loss and “pain” better.

Medical Training

It is not just the patients who get to utilize virtual reality. This newly enhanced technology is now getting tapped into to train the future members of the healthcare field. Virtual reality is now used in simulations that medical students and even medical professionals can undergo to enhance their skills.

This is particularly helpful with surgeons. The normal procedure of practice would be to work on cadavers or to sit in when an actual surgeon is performing a procedure or a patient. Healthcare professionals need to be able to practice their craft with a hands-on approach. Virtual reality provides that.

While there were some voices of concern due to the perceived cost of VR simulations, which technology advancing more and more every year, there are now lower cost virtual reality equipment available. Also, the software gets better every year—making the room for error smaller and the simulation more realistic.

After all, we will want medical staff that will be able to do what is necessary when the real thing happens.

Better Physical Therapy

One of the hardest things for patients to do at times is undergo physical therapy. After all, you can beautify a rehab center all you want but it will never be anything more than a place where people force themselves to move.

With virtual reality, patients are immersed into a completely different environment. They can do the movements that are required but in a whole different light. Simulations and software can make it seem like they are catching balls or planting things when they are not actually doing any of that. What results is a more fun workout. Why just focus on getting better when you can have fun doing it as well?

As you can see, virtual reality is having a big hand in revolutionizing healthcare. What do you think?

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