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Envelop VR Solutions: What VR Solutions Can Change Your Work

There is a lot of that Virtual Reality can do for your work or your business. Today, we take a look at some of Envelop’s solutions and how they apply to you. If you are not aware, other than hooking you up with the latest and most relevant VR and AR news, Envelop also has a hand in developing handy software that can revolutionize the way you do things.

We have a hand at revolutionizing the way you present data, process applications from just about any source into a completely new VR product. We sit at the cusp of various platforms which have to do with Virtual Reality hardware! The implications and solutions are simply breathtaking. There is a reason why we are very big believers of how VR can impact lives—we have experienced it for ourselves. Here are a few solutions that you may want to look at:

Data Visualization

Think something akin to Jurassic Park (the first one) where they needed to reboot the whole park. They needed to access the files and data through squares in their computer program. Data visualization is something like that but add decades of graphics improvement. Your database of information needs to be neat and labeled well in order for people to be able to use it intuitively.

Everyone is tired of the same old boring excel sheet. We understand that visual impact is important especially when you are trying to make a striking impression upon a client. We can help you get that extra impact. When you are trying to share information, it is important that everything be clear, easy to understand, and uncomplicated. Our 3D data visualization can help bring that to life for you.

Product Visualization

When you are trying to sell a product, there are often a lot of costs involved. The sample may need to be mass produced and then comes the logistics of getting it from one place to another safely. Even then, you do not know if the sale will be successful. That means that you end up spending a lot with the risk of little to no return.

If you let it, Envelop can help you build a sample of your product right there on your company website. A 3D product model placed right into your website can and will allow your clients to completely view the product in its every aspect. This helps keep down costs for you while raising consumer engagement for your product.

If you are not quite certain how this works, you can think back to Big Hero 6 wherein Hiro Tanaka was making use of virtual reality to figure out the components to make Baymax’s armor. He was able to map out which parts were needed and which were unnecessary. This is how product visualization works.

To close, the future is here and only those which embrace it get to move on into the future with as little friction as possible. With that in mind, which VR solution do you think will revolutionize the way you do things?

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