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The More You Know: Fun Facts about Virtual Reality You May Not Know

In the technological race that has been going on, the development of VR has brought a lot in terms of entertainment. Virtual Reality is one of the most welcome technological advancements of our time. What a journey it has had! Today, we discuss some fun facts about VR that you may not know about!

Did you these things about virtual reality:

Virtual Reality is Old

If you are going to talk about virtual reality, it would be important to think back to how they viewed this technology. They wanted an easier way for budding professionals, like pilot trainees, to practice but not put the actual planes in danger. The first ever flight simulator was actually created in 1920.

So you can see that even back then, VR was seen as something that could improve the way things were done in the professional setting. It was not until around forty years later that virtual reality was seen as something that could be used to entertain the masses. The first sketches for a movie virtual reality experience was going around in the 60s.

For something that was to be used by a single person, it was roughly the size of a modern voting booth and required almost no movement from the viewer. So you can imagine how the concept met an intial lukewarm reception.

The 90s Nearly Killed It

While there was a massive interest in the virtual reality movement in the early 90s, the pricing and the faulty equipment did not deliver the experience that was promised. You have to see it from the consumer’s point of view.

Virtual reality was supposed to be something that would allow consumers to see different new worlds in the headsets they put on. However, the graphics of blocks and odd colors were hardly the “new worlds” that were promised. It also did not help that in order to experience these “new worlds” you had to quite figuratively pay an arm and a leg for it.

The odd high prices and lackluster delivery almost made sure that virtual reality was not going to go into the new century.

VR Was Saved by Forbes List Companies

While the 90s saw a disastrous turnover for commercial use virtual reality, this did not deter large companies from investing in it. They saw the limitless potential it held for businesses and the private sector.

The original purpose of VR was to provide a safe and ultimately cost effective way to train professionals. As such, development toward better and more reliable software and graphics became priority. Today, a multitude of official organizations like NASA make use of virtual reality and its simulations to train their people.

To conclude, virtual reality has had quite a journey. From conception, public consumption, and its eventual rise into what we know it today—it has been a real roller coaster of a ride. The next time you take a look at the virtual reality equipment that you use, try to remember the fun fact that you picked up from today’s discussion. Do you know any fun facts about VR?

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