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Is There a Place for Augmented Reality in Education?

So far when the concept of augmented reality is brought up, it is easily associated with entertainment. However, is there a use for AR in the field of education? There is no denying the fact that it was Pokemon Go that truly ushered in the massive interest in augmented reality.

Soon after, social media started applying AR to provide more interactive ways their users could utilize their tools. When it comes to the classroom environment, there is nothing worse than another boring lecture. With our technology only getting better with time, it is high time that other parts of our life adapts as well.

Augmented reality can really play an integral part in providing a better learning experience for all. Here are some ways we think AR could play a critical part in education:


Augmented reality is truly helpful when it comes to superimposing information on real-world views. This can be really helpful for younger kids when they are out for a exploratory walk. Imagine going out and being able to identify different plants along with pertinent information about them.

This is also a great way to establish a familiarity with the surrounding environment.


As anyone who has ever gone through school will tell you, there is nothing more boring than a book. Especially a book which you will need to learn from! Augmented reality can help provide learning experiences.  Imagine having to utilize and mix chemicals through augmented reality. Not only will students be able to learn as they are supposed to, it also provides a unique way of utilizing ready technology.

On-the-go Learning

Who says that learning has to stay online in the classrooms? There are a lot of augmented reality applications and software that goes quite well with technology that we are already using like smartphones. Apps like Google Translate enable functionality and learning to go hand in hand.

There are more and more apps like that coming out everyday. It would simply be silly if we did not take advantage of the benefits that this can provide for everyone as a whole.

To close, we believe that augmented reality does have a place in the field of education. Learning from computer software has already been accepted. Why would it be any different to utilize this more modern form of learning? Like we said, our technology is advancing and we all need to adapt in order to usher in a better future for the generations that we are leaving behind.

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