Contributor’s Cove

In the vast sea of knowledge, we rely on word captains to tide us through. Welcome everyone and welcome to Contributor’s Cove! This is the page where Envelop would very much like to announce that we are opening our doors to contributors!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself regarding being a contributor for Envelop VR:

Do I Have a Passion for VR?

We believe that passion is a key component in being able to express the nuances of a topic as broad and as vast as technology and virtual reality. There are so many components that anyone with very little interest of passion for the topic will find themselves burned out.

Passion is something that we highly value in contributors as these are the little embers that stoke the great fire of technological discourse. At the very beginning of every great technological breakthrough was a passionate person merely talking about the theory of their eventual discovery!

Do I Want to Inspire Others in the Field of VR?

You will never truly realize when your words have a great impact on the lives of others. We have often found that the things that we talk about stoke the sleeping embers in the souls of young technology enthusiasts.

Contributors and writers to this site can invariably end up inspiring the future giants of the tech world.

If You Are Ready to Begin:

Do reach out and get in touch with us through 078-3633-9860. Look for Jonathan and we can get started on your path to being a regular contributor!