How Are Drones Benefiting the World of Business?

When we think of drones, we often assume they’re something we would see on a Christmas list. However, there is much more to the world of drones, and they’re making a bigger impact than just flying around the local park.

While there is nothing wrong with enjoying some drone time in leisurely manner, it’s worth considering how beneficial the right type of drone can be for a business.

Surveillance Drones

There’s no denying that the technology associated with security and surveillance has progressed in leaps and bounds, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its limits. While many security systems are ideal for many businesses, there are some who don’t get the coverage they’re looking for when it comes to the security of their business, and many choose to employ the use of surveillance drones.

Of course, not every drone is fit for purpose, so you will need to ensure that you purchase the best surveillance drones for the job in hand. That said, the right drone can have you checking out hotspots that weren’t even visible in your initial security setup. What’s more, a surveillance drone can record any misdemeanours, making a conviction more likely, while helping you find a better deal in relation to business insurance.

There’s also the fact that surveillance drones are visible, and act as a great deterrent against would-be thieves.

Although surveillance drones are a hot topic in the security industry, this doesn’t mean that other businesses aren’t able to make use of drones.

Drones for Deliveries

Although there are many regulations in place, this hasn’t stopped businesses making use of drones. Amazon is a company that probably everyone has used at some point in their life, and the company has gathered traction thanks to its quick deliveries and slew of products.

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that Amazon is looking to offer a drone delivery service, and its vision comes in the guise of Amazon Prime Air. While Amazon is still contending with the legality surrounding delivery drones with regulators and policymakers around the world, it is a vision that seems to be gaining traction, with new FFA rules in the US looking to allow the use of autonomous drones for deliveries.

Google is also looking to offer a similar service via Project Wing, operated under Alphabet X. A set of nationwide tests have already taken place under the watchful eye of the FAA and NASA, with its tests also focusing on the software being used for its unmanned drones.

Google has also been involved with drones in the past, albeit in a different context. Following the acquisition of Titan Aerospace in 2014, Google looked to launch an initiative that focused on rural areas that struggled to receive an Internet connection.

The Loon project looked to launch solar-powered drones that flew at great altitudes that would connect with satellites to offer Internet access to those who struggle otherwise. Unfortunately, the project ran out of money and the initiative won’t be progressed any further, that is unless another company decides to take the reigns.

Despite its unfortunate demise, the Loon project did showcase just what is possible with the use of drones, and how we can help progress a person’s lifestyle.

The Future of Law Enforcement?

Drones almost seem like science fiction, and certainly have certainly had their limelight on the silver screen. They were heavily used in the Robocop remake in 2014, but are drones actually useful when it comes to law enforcement.

The security aspect has already been touched upon, and compiling footage of a crime being committed is always useful for the authorities, but what about law enforcement itself? Is it keen to adopt technology that has many people sitting on the fence as to how intrusive they area?

While every country will have its own legal system in place, drones do seem to finding their place in the world of law enforcement. Although the drones used aren’t as sinister as those seen in science-fiction movies, they still serve a purpose.

In the UK, Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police announced a trial that would see drones used in a bid to protect residents, and capture footage should it arise. This could be anything from a crime to a road collision. The footage is captured is governed in the same way as video captured via CCTV and body-worn video.

The US is following a similar program, although different states do have different rules in place. In many states, the use of a drone is permitted once a warrant has been issued, or in the event of an emergency. Of course, the rules change frequently, but it’s still interesting to note how much of an effect the humble drone has had in relation to law enforcement.

Other Industries

You would be forgiven for assuming that the use of drones can be limited to a few business types, but it can fit in with many different business models. For example, some airlines have deployed drones to carry out safety inspections of their aircraft. National Rail in the UK is another company that hopes to make use of drones by helping them garner a better overview of its infrastructure. Currently, the company uses aerial cameras for this purpose.

As you can see, whether businesses are deploying drones for deliveries, or investing in surveillance drones, there are benefits to using drones, and if you’re able to think outside the box, you could give your business a whole new dimension.

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